Mrs. Aswani Dewangan age about 26 years leves at her house with her husband & other two members in Bindrawan village of Mahasamund District.  Having completed her 12th class, she was always aware of the importance of education but lacked confidence and self determination. Fascinated by aspects of personal grooming she wanted to do a Tailoring course, but her meager financial conditions were becoming a constraint on her aspirations. Some time she tried her level best to start learning of tailoring training but being a married person, she dropped for this by husband or else of family.

One day she came to know about the skill programme of PARDA & consult with the Skill Team for her registration & counselling. After proper registration & counseling of self and all family members, Mrs. Aswini enrolled her name in the tailoring training course of PARDA Nuapada( PARDA Tailoring training Centre, Village level) and completed her course within three months.

After completion of the said course, purchased a Tailoring machine with a monthly installment and start business at her home of Bindrawan village. Stitching orders from Bagbahara & Mahasamund  market has been increased her business magically in a few days.

Now Mrs. Aswani earn profit Rs.3000/- to Rs.4500/- in a month and clear all loan installments of purchased tailoring machine.  Now a day she says, “I felt that my low education level kept me inefficient to work and earn some money for my family. But after registration in “Skill Initiative for Informal Sector workers” programme of PARDA, Partner with TATA Trusts.” I have gained lot of skills, which proved to be of immense help to me and my family. A big thanks to Skill Team PARDA, Nuapada. “