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Get Involved

Why Get Involved: In order to support our endeavor for the establishment of a just and equal society; we invite involvement of all voluntary/charitable organizations/persons to extend their supporting hand in any form they choose. The support can either be in the form of strategic/standby partnership; issue based collaboration; project funding or in any other form possible. Our organization can assure the utilization of the funds for the sake of the people and the area that really need intervention. We have FCRA registration and are eligible to receive foreign contribution. Our organization is in need of funding for sustainability of the projects it has undertaken.

We have got our organization registered with the income tax department under section- 12 A. Hence any financial contribution to our organization by any person/donor is eligible for full exemption of income tax.

Strategic Partnership:    Strategic partnership means, funding by like minded government/non- government agencies with due approval of a project proposal submitted by our organization in a prescribed format to the funding agency. In this case the funding agency contributes on the basis of approval of the mission, vision, objectives, outcomes and sustainability of the project. The funding agency takes the decision about the implementation strategy along with the work plan.

A funding agency/charitable organization can assist/support us by mailing us the format and other details of the project proposal at least a week ahead of the last date of submission.

Standby Partnership:   Standby partnership is empanelment of our organization by a funding agency; keeping in view our area of activity on the basis of our profile for extending grant in aid as and when a project; in tune with our range activities, is taken up by the funding agency. Our range of activities is mentioned clearly and in detail in ‘what we do’.

Sponsor a Child:

Why This Initiative:We have opened a  for the educationally disadvantaged ‘Paharia’ community of Nuapada district. The Paharias come under the Most Primitive Tribe (MPT) category and have been ironically placed among the general category by the government of Orissa, which is a historical blunder. The adjoining state of Chhattishgarh where only other than Orissa this tribe is found; they have been enlisted among the MPT category and are receiving all the special attention they deserve.

What is the Initiative:Therefore; keeping in view their deprivation of their rights and entitlements we have designed this project to provide education to the children of this community by opening a residential project school. Our endeavor is to make provision for the children’s boarding, food, clothing, study materials and accommodation. Side by side, we shall equip those children with vocational skills; utilizing the locally available resources, for sustainable livelihood.

Initially we have enrolled 40 children in the eligible age group. With the growth of infrastructure we are planning to enroll the rest. It is going to be a continuous process if funds are available.

What is Child Sponsorship:We are waiting for organizations/individuals to extend their financial support by bearing the expenditure incurred for the maintenance and education of one child each. We shall take utmost care to utilize the financial assistance thus obtained, for the all round development of the sponsored child.

How to Sponsor:  The sponsor organization/individual can select one of the children; whose photograph along with his/her complete resume is available on this web site by clicking one of the photographs on the clipboard, for sponsorship. The sponsoring organization/individual can mail us their EOI (expression of interest) in the online sponcership format at our mail address- The format for EOI is given below.

The project is designed to support a child continuously till the completion of education up to primary level. As per our budget for the current year the sponsorship amount per child is Rs 12,000. per anum. We shall provide further support to those children who come out successful at the class VII examination, up to the secondary level. The sponsorship amount may be revised in case there is an unnatural rise in the market prices of the commodities required for the school. It needs mentioning that revision of the same will be only when there is no option left. The same will be intimated to all the sponsors well in advance.





Format for Sponsorship